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The lights of the big city may not seem as bold to those that have grown callous to the meaning and promises they hold to those like Jonathan Jeter. Born and raised with the big city lights visible on the horizon, Jeter knew those lights held opportunities.

To most the opportunities would be the chance to grab a piece of the pie, but not Jeter. Jeter knew there were people there that had came from... the same place he was raised. Beyond the suburbs where the barbed wire fences once held all of the opportunities a man needed. At the same time he knew that those that had made it to those cities had stories and experiences that were similar to his. And those that were from the city had the same trials as everyone else, the common man. That’s Jonathan Jeter.

Jeter’s understanding that we all have our loves and losses, ups and downs, and every day pressures doesn’t set him apart from a lot of artist, but his delivery does. His lyrics are often stark brush strokes on a canvas of bridled electricity. Jeter’s first single “Come On” is almost an invitation for us to join him on this musical journey as he repeats the words come on like he is pulling you into the experience. Ray Wylie Hubbard says, “The album is dangerous. It’s got leather and swagger. This is how music is supposed to be.” Jeter’s parents owned a venue that was stage to many greats including Leon Russell and Michael Martin Murphy and the next generation with the likes of Chris Knight and Jack Ingram. These artists gave Jeter a well rounded idea as to what music from the heart and soul was about. Jeter writes stories with emotions and emotions with stories.

Having traveled 1000’s of miles all over the country opening for the All American Rejects gave him the opportunity to spend a lot of time formulating his future after the tour. After a few, both positive and negative, turns in his personal life, Jeter set his course. Forming Old Bull Gaines in the beginning his sound was raw and aggressive and he enjoyed regional success. But those big city lights were still on the horizon. In 2009 Jonathan Jeter and the Revelators were born. With their blistering live sets of songs from the heart and mind of Jeter, they set off for the big lights. Playing for crowds from 80 to 2500 eager music fans the word has begun to spread. This new EP and the energy of Jonathan Jeter and the Revelators are destined for eyes and ears everywhere. Plug it in, turn it up, and you’ll understand the promise and meaning that those big city lights held for Jeter so long ago. You may just realize that you have shared a horizon of your own with Jonathon Jeter, Chris Evans, and Josh “Smitty” Smith. Jonathan Jeter and the Revelators.